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We noticed that average baseboard heater covers become rusty and bent after daily use in most homes and corporate environments. Often the parts don’t align properly and distract from even the most beautiful decor. We set our minds on finding a solution to this problem.  After many trials and errors we came up with the solution.

OverBoards is innovative and decorative replacement for standard metal heater covers. OverBoards are 100% made in the USA of extruded and cast 3/16” aluminum to provide for maximum strength and durability; you can even stand on them and they will not dent. The aluminum is also rustproof, even in areas where moisture poses problems such as entryways and bathrooms. OverBoards are finished in white powder coat paint that is easy to wipe clean from dirt, occasional spills, even footprints.  The heavy construction allows for OverBoards to not only stand up to rough traffic but actually retain and radiate heat long after standard metal covers have gone cold.

OverBoards are available in three unique styles, Traditional raised panel, Shaker smooth panel and Designer style. Standard Traditional and Shaker styles are typically used with cast end caps and Designer with extruded end caps, offering a different look while using the same panels. OverBoards compliment many decorating styles.

OverBoards are beautiful, practical and easy to install. We hope that OverBoards will be your solution.

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